Balanced Occupancy

Everyone promises "higher occupancy", but at what expense?  We believe a healthy rental is not a completely full rental. This is because we balance occupancy with pricing in efforts to maximize earned revenues.  We realize vacation rentals are market driven and that supply and demand change income yield tremendously.  We balance our occupancy off highest demanded pricing instead of how open the calendar is.

Smarter Pricing

Stagnant pricing leaves money on the table. Pricing should be defined by the market not just a handful of comparables. Consequently, we reprice all our properties daily.  We factor in overall market occupancy, seasonality, competitor prices, special events, hotel vacancies, and many other variables from the entire market.  Dynamic pricing is the key to unlocking your property's income potential. 


Fully Optimized Listings

Basic economics are based on supply and demand.  If you restrict your property to the supply of a single platform you are missing out on a significant amount of market demand.  Furthermore, each platform has a unique user base and require a dedicated strategy to maximizing each listing.  We have direct partnerships with multiple channel listing services and are on the Airbnb, Expedia, & beta teams.

Reach Your Property's Full Potential

Approach your vacation rental investment like the pros. Data first.

Spekto utilizes market-leading data technology for the vacation rental industry. First we re-price our properties daily based off market demand. Our repricing algorythms allow us to capture more value than static prices and lead to higher revenue. However, pricing is just a small piece in a vacation rental's success.  We analyze over 80 million data points daily to help optimize our listings.  This means, we know how to position photos, furniture layout, bed count, listing location, occupancy adjustments, listing descriptions and much more to get to "optimal success".  We view "optimal success" as the point when a property has maximized it's income potential.

Spekto is setup to be a full-service property management company. From marketing to guest inquiries, cleaning to maintenance, we’ve got you covered so that you can spend less time worrying and more time doing what you love. Spekto is ready to help you find, list, manage, and maintain your vacation rental investment to it's full potential.